Garage Door Child

Falling Garage Door

Falling Garage Doors -- A Crushing Concern

Four hundred pounds is a lot of weight.

Enough weight that few people can lift it.

Safety experts from the Consumer Products Safety Commission claim that the average garage door on an American Home weighs more than 400 pounds.

Pit a person against a falling 400-pound plus garage door and the door will win every time.

It doesn’t take a background in science to see the damage a falling garage door can cause.  It would break most bones and potentially crush anything in its path.  It has been proven to be fatal in too many cases.

Imagine the impact on a child?

Unfortunately the danger of a falling garage door continues to show up in the obituary sections.

A door can fall due to a number of factors ranging from broken springs, old or relaxed springs that have lost some of their tension, an inappropriate disconnect of the pull cord with people in the door’s paths, improper installation, a poor track or other extenuating circumstances.

Sometimes garage doors are accidentally hit by an automobile and are repaired improperly.  Doors in disrepair, with broken lift cables or even broken springs are propped up because someone is in a hurry to get to work. This may create a potentially risky situation if the door prop is moved or slips.

Martin Garage Door
Controlled Descent Device

Several manufacturers have come up with a solution to a free- falling garage door, thus diminishing one of the greatest dangers associated with garage door use.

One of those companies, Martin Door Manufacturing, engineered this new safety tool in conjunction with new European standards for garage door safety.

Martin’s controlled descent device, automatically stops a door as it begins a free fall, and is easily reset by the homeowner.