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Garage Door Time Bomb

Taking A Closer Look At Being Too Snug In A Garage

If you live in a colder climate, the issue of how much insulation value your garage door has may seem like a big issue.

Take a closer look.

With some manufacturers hyping R or U values, one key issue of safety is being ignored.  Proper ventilation in a garage is critical.  It can be a matter of life and death.

R-values may give you a sense of being snug and secure, but a different value should be applied to the garage.  A garage, especially one that houses anything potentially combustible, should not be insulated like a home.  If anything, proper ventilation is among the most critical of items.

There has been a measurable trend of garage explosions throughout the U.S. in the past few years as combustible materials and various appliances are installed or used in sealed off garages.
Garage Door Explosions

Don't Seal The Garage

There is an easy solution to a potentially explosive problem in the garage.

Don’t seal off the garage.

Garage Door with Vents

All you have to do is properly ventilate a garage, following existing building codes, and avoid the temptation to treat the garage like a home----with insulation to make it snug.

Garage door insulation can be a misapplied value, because there should be proper ventilation in any area where combustible materials may be stored or used.  Combustible materials in a sealed off place can be explosive.

Garage Explosion Caught on tape