Garage Door Child

Garage Door Spring Dangers

Don't Mess With The Torsion Spring System

A torsion spring adjustment is not something to be left to an amateur or the faint of heart.

The built up power of a spring can easily cut off a limb, if it comes loose.  Always err on the side of caution when dealing with a spring, leave to a trained professional.

Several manufacturers have introduced new safety measures dealing with springs.  They can provide some protection, in case of an accident.

Connected to the spring is a lift cable. Inside lift cables or cables concealed between the door and the track are difficult to access. However, outside lift cables, readily found on low clearance or low headroom type garage doors can be attractive to curious children. The potential risks are obvious, especially if the door is in motion.

Lift Cable\Garage Door Lift Cable

Like A Helicopter Blade Gone Bad

One blogger said there are only two things to fear in the world:  nuclear war and garage door torsion springs.

It may seem like a bit of a stretch to put a spring in that category, but the potential dangers of a torsion spring gone bad, cannot be overemphasized.

When all of that torsion lets loose, a garage door spring can almost be a helicopter blade off its moorings.

It is one area of garage door repair and maintenance best left to a qualified technician or installer.

Stretch springs too, are a concern, since a child can easily get hurt in playing with them. \

Splitting Lumber

Splitting lumber can be the first visible sign of a potential problem with a garage door spring.Splitting Lumber from center mounted springs

When a torsion spring is center mounted on a garage door, the impact can eventually compromise the stability of the spring and lead to splitting wood.

Spring Safety

The technology is available within the industry, to mitigate many of the dangers associated with a garage door spring.

A variety of manufacturers have recently introduced some sort of containment system, to defuse potential disasters present if a spring is attached to a support system in the traditional way.

For example, Martin Garage Doors are engineered with a self-contained spring system.  The system eliminates the danger of a spring being uncoiled with torsion pressure liken unto a helicopter blade gone amuck.

Martin Door’s springs also come with a lifetime warranty, which means they have been engineered to last and not be replaced every five years, as many other springs with a much smaller lifespan require.

This is one safety feature you can’t afford to take a risk on.

The first problem regarding child safety for the spring system is to make sure the springs on your garage door are no where near the floor, where a child could have access to them. These are commonly called "Stretch" or "Extension" springs.

Most doors can be retrofitted to install torsion springs above the garage door. The second problem is to make sure there are no "outside" lift cables. These are still common on doors where installation clearance or headroom is limited.

For example, Martin offers only "inside" lift cables and lock-on, side mounted torsion springs, mounted above the door.