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Riding The Garage Door

Taking Kids For A Ride, Not A Good Idea

It looks like a lot of fun, for kids, far too often.

Riding a garage door up and down has become a sport for some children.  Unfortunately the sport turns to disaster, far too easily.

For example, 10-year-old Nick Green was returning home from his fourth-grade class when he made a costly error while opening his home's garage door.

Neighbors say the Columbus, Ohio, boy grabbed hold of the lowest fold in the door and rode it up as it opened, dropping off at the last second. When he repeated the stunt, he didn't let go in time

As the boy's motionless body dangled in the driveway, 16-year-old Jason Reed rushed to his aid from his nearby home. Reed held Nick's body up to relieve pressure on his neck until paramedics freed him.

When they arrived on the scene, Columbus Fire Division paramedics forced the garage door down enough to remove Nick. The boy suffered a severe head injury, as a result.

Others are not as lucky.

The following YouTube video shows children and teens riding and playing with the garage door. There are major advantages to a new system, being offered by Martin, which features soft touch reverse---meaning an opener shuts down if 20-25 lbs are added to the door---making it very difficult for any child to hitch a ride.  Some opener manufacturers make and offer openers that have up and down force adjustments that can be cranked up so high a teenager can ride the door up.

There’s a simple risk to riding a garage door: 
death or serious injury.

While it may seem inviting, riding a door can often lead to some complicated injuries when the rider finds himself jammed against the ceiling, garage door hardware, or other associated unforgiving elements in a garage.

Riding the garage door risks

Riding the garage door risks

Riding the garage door risks

Riding the garage door risks

No Place To Ride

Garage doors can come with special finger protection, to potentially make it impossible for a child to ride a garage door up or down.

Can Not Ride a Martin Garage Door

No Room To Ride.  There is no space big enough to squeeze a finger on a this garage door, due to a section joint protection system, which makes it difficult for a child to ride a garage door up and down.

The technology is readily available in the garage door industry, to eliminate the temptation for a child to ride a garage door up and down.

New finger protection devices offered can make it difficult for a child to get a hand or finger into a door for a ride up or down and the use of proper hinges on the backside of the garage can also eliminate many of the potential avenues for a ride.

For example, Martin Garage Doors come standard with FingerShield™ to keep little hands and fingers out of a section joint of a garage door and the use of low-profile hinges on every Martin Door also protects against riding door options.