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Cutting Corners Can Compromise Safety

Beware of the garage door installer in too big a hurry.

Taking shortcuts can compromise the safety of a garage door.

Something as simple as the way a lag screw is installed, can potentially lead to a safety risk, if undue pressure from a heavy garage door is put on sheet rock, instead of a stud.  Even improper mounting of the punched angle used to help support a garage door opener can compromise the safety and future operation of a door.

Potential dangers hardly end with the mounting and bracing issues.

Installers eager to save time and money, often fudge on properly installing a garage door opener, to the detriment of safety for people who use the door day-to-day.

Those improper adjustments, which range from tightening the force settings on the door opener to the highest level, or even raising the photo eyes far above the ground level, may spell fewer callbacks in the short run for the installer, but they also pose a real danger that can be fatal.

Some installers have even been known to leave off some safety features for garage doors, in the interest of time and not wanting to be bothered.

Cutting corners with a garage door installation, only leads to greater risks and potential problems in the future.

Quality Vs Price Shouldn’t Compromise Safety

There are no safety options so unimportant, they can be overlooked in pursuit of a lower price.

In looking at quality and value issues, safety considerations should not be overlooked or minimized.

A door may be lower priced, because it has far fewer safeguards built into the system.

Most safety features are optional and not mandated by the government.  Just as it costs more to put multiple airbags and extra safety features in a car, so it is with garage doors.

Broken Glass can cause injury

Broken glass in a garage door is also a significant problem.  Statistics show there are as many injuries reported with broken glass in a garage each year, as there are injuries related to garage door springs.

The potential danger of having broken glass in a door that goes directly overhead, when it is in the up position, becomes apparent readily. Glass that breaks into chards of pointed glass becomes much more dangerous than tempered or laminated glass, which breaks into small pieces, or acrylic, which does not easily break.

Broken Garage Viewed Outside

Broken Garage Door 1


Why Gamble

Why gamble with product quality, when so much can be at stake?

Garage doors can be built to be safe and to last a long time. 

Martin Door Manufacturing claims it builds the world’s finest and safest garage doors.  They demonstrate that approach to quality by building a garage door that comes with a lifetime warranty, including parts and springs.  Warranty should be the first clue as to the quality of any given garage door system.

Most of the garage doors made in the United States are made of steel and in simply finding the gauge of steel of a given door, you will see the quality, or lack thereof.  There are some doors made of 32-gauge steel that are so flimsy you can penetrate the door with a ball-point pen.  Martin Door builds all of its steel sectional doors using 24-gauge steel, except for one model.

Take the time to find out what a door is made of, and how much the manufacturer stands behinds their quality.  In finding a garage door that is safe, beautiful and lasting, you will be finding a true value.

The solution to a potential glass safety issue can be resolved rather easily.  Insist on acrylic windows in a garage door or tempered glass, if you use glass.  Many door companies are able to lower the costs of a garage door by offering the cheaper, but more dangerous glass, in the door.  Some, like Martin Garage Doors, do not offer any standard or double strength glass windows in their doors, because of the potential dangers.  It is worth the extra cost to buy the safer windows.

Take time to look at the windows in a garage door and what they are made of.  It’s something, which will help clear the picture of just how safe your garage door is.

It can take time to do something right.

Don’t be afraid to check out the credentials of the company you want to install your garage door.  Call the Better Business Bureau or talk to previous customers, who may have had work done in the past five years.  If a claim sounds like a bit of a stretch, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

The quality of any product is always demonstrated by time.  Likewise the shortcuts or errors of an improperly installed garage door, show up in due course.