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Garage Door Photo Eyes

Photo Eyes: Biggest Pain For Garage Door Dealers

They present the single biggest hassle for a garage door dealer.

Photo eyes are heavy maintenance and are the biggest single service issue related to garage door dealers at any level, a number of sources concede.

The reasons vary from things as simple as cobwebs, to a bump against a sensor. Dust from cleaning out the garage, or a bit of paint can easy obstruct or skew the signal beams and cause the door to be inoperable.  And morning or afternoon sunlight on a sensor can be debilitating as well.

In an informal survey with installers and some builders, one company was able to identify 17 different problems customers have encountered with photo eyes.

These issues have resulted in poor decisions to improperly install or even move the photo eyes to an unsafe / unapproved location.

Bad Installation of Photo-Eye

Smart Technology Eliminates Photo Eyes

A variety of manufacturers have come up with a solution to faulty photo eyes.  Most recently a technology without photo eyes, sometimes call smart or profiling technology, has made its way into the industry.  The compelling feature of this advance is it operates much the way an elevator door functions---immediately reserving itself upon any sign of pressure.

Besides negating the issue of photo eyes, the safety features of this system makes it difficult to ride a door up or down.

For example, Martin Door Manufacturing recently introduced soft-touch reverse technology, without photo eyes that will reverse off a balloon.  It reverses on meeting 15 pounds of pressure in the down cycle and 25 pounds of added weight/pressure on the up cycle, making it difficult for a child to ride a door up or down.  Underwriters Laboratory has "listed" this door system under U.L. 325 compliance.