Garage Door Child

Lead Paint

Lead Paint Risks!

Lead is identified as a poison and exposure to lead paint in a garage is described as a clear danger.

Poisoning occurs when children eat tiny paint chips or inhale harmful leaded dust. Chalking lead paint creates dust that settles on toys and other objects. The dust may be ingested into the young child in normal hand-to-mouth activity. Leaded house dust that is inhaled even in the smallest amounts is just as lethal as that which is ingested. One paint chip the size of a thumbnail, ingested by a young child, can cause permanent brain damage.

Dr. John Rosen, a pediatrician responsible for treating lead poisoned children at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, states: "Lead at remarkably low concentrations has the unique capability of robbing kids of such skills as reading, writing, concentration and abstract thinking. The set of things that are required for academic success and employment success can be lost forever, and all of that comes at a remarkable societal cost."
 Old Lead Paint Problem
Many older garage doors employ lead paints and should be replaced.  Lead-based paint has been banned since 1978, so doors with lead paint would already be dated and be absent of many of the required safety features all garage doors are required to have today.

Lead Abatement

There are special requirements for technicians removing old doors with lead paint, or those who install doors in any garage where lead paint is present.  Make sure your technician is properly certified to deal with and dispose of any lead paint that may be present in or around your pre-1978 garage.

Lead-Paint Safety,
at Home and on the Job

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